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Giulio Andreotti, the obituary you can’t write


The Italian and foreign newspapers are full of obituaries of Giulio Andreotti, the Italian statesman who died yesterday.

But nobody really knows who Giulio Andreotti was.

In Italian folklore, he is some sort of evil god, the planner of every political assassination, the mastermind between every plot, the broker of every connection between the State, the organized crime, the intelligence services and the Vatican.

For the official record, he was a very illustrious politician.

For the judicial record, he was guilty of conspiracy with the highest echelons of organized crime, while he couldn’t be jailed due to the statute of limitations.

But for the organized crime, who killed his henchman Salvo Lima, he was a man who reneged on his pledges of protection.

For the Vatican, he was a priceless asset in the Italian Government.

For the literary circles, he was a great writer and scholar.

The truth is, probably, somewhere in the middle.


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