Administrative elections give surprising result in Italy

Last Sunday and Monday, Italians voted to renew some important local Administrations, including the Municipality of Rome (now official called ‘Rome the Capital’). The right was supposed to score a big victory, together with the Five Stars Movement, against the leftist Democratic Party. This didn’t happen, however. The Democratic Party fared well while Berlusconi’s party, … Continue reading

Politics / Religion

President of Italian Bishops booed at funeral of leftist priest

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, was booed today by some people in attendance while celebrating the funeral of leftist priest Father Andrea Gallo. Father Gallo was a very famous cleric, hence the high-ranking prelate was present. However, it was no secret that in the past Father Gallo had more than … Continue reading

Culture / Foreign relations

Italian high-ranking University wants to switch to English but is stopped in Court

Prof Giovanni Azzone, the Chancellor of the renowned Polytechnic Institute of Turin, wanted his University to switch to English and completely abandon Italian in order to become more international. However, this proved very hard to stomach for the members of his teaching body, used to work in Italian. Dozens went to Court, which yesterday ordered … Continue reading

Culture / Entertainment

Italian State TV to stop airing Miss Italy

During its tenure, the Italian technocratic Government tried to address the problem of the Italian TV, often accused of being “trashy”. Now that Government is gone, but the new technocratic President of the Italian State TV, Anna Maria Tarantola, is still in charge. Mrs Tarantola recently announced that the Italian State TV will stop airing … Continue reading