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New Italian Government greeted with bullets


Today, the new Italian Government headed by Mr Enrico Letta was sworn in by President Giorgio Napolitano.

According to the elaborate Italian protocol, Mr Letta was then supposed to move from the presidential palace to the Government palace, where he would receive military honors and  the presidency of the Council of Minister, symbolized by a little bell to be handed over by former prime minister Mario Monti.

Before Mr Letta could arrive to the Government palace, however, an unemployed man, Mr. Luigi Preiti, opened fire in front of the palace, injuring two Military Police officers on guard duty before being blocked and arrested.

Under interrogation, Mr Preiti said that he wanted to shoot some politician before realizing that he would not be able to elude the surveillance and deciding to open fire against cops.

In addition to be unemployed, Mr Preiti has another very common grievance against the Italian State: he is divorcing from his wife and is unable to get his parental rights on his son enforced.


2 thoughts on “New Italian Government greeted with bullets

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