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Italian Nobel Prime Dario Fo accused of being ‘a racist’



Italian Nobel Prize Dario, close to the Five Stars Movement, during an interview mocked Mr Renato Brunetta, a politician of Mr Berlusconi’s party, for being short.

‘If he needs to be sworn in as a minister, the first thing to do is to look for a ladder’, said Mr Fo.

Mr Berlusconi’s party, of course, did not react well. Secretary Angelino Alfano labeled Mr Fo’s humor as ‘disgusting’ and ‘gross’.

Coordinator Sandro Monti hopes that ‘Mr Fo’s thinking’ will become ‘a relic from the past’.

The leader of the Party in the lower House, Mr Fabrizio Cicchitto, accused Mr Fo of ‘anthropological racism’.

Mr Maurizio Lupi, the deputy-leader of the Party in the Senate, remembered that Mr Fo was one of Mr Grillo’s candidates for President, which is ‘frightening’.


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