Foreign relations / Security and defence

US nuclear weapons in Italy ‘to be upgraded’

Dr Strangelove

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the United States are going to upgrade 200 tactic nuclear weapons stored in Europe in order to make them compatible with the new F-35 fighter plane. This would include 70-90 atomic bombs stored in Italy.

In another moment, such a news would have surely ignited a fierce debate in Italy, but now the country is too busy monitoring its political crisis.

Last month the Government of Sicily, supported by the Democratic Party and the Five Stars Movement, stopped the installation of a US giant radar array in Niscemi.

In 2007, the Government of Sardinia evicted the US Navy from its strategic base in the Maddalena archipelago.

The enlargement of Camp Ederle in Vicenza was harshly opposed by local Committees, and in 2011 the Italian Government was compelled to assign to the local Administrations a sizable compensation package.


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