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Costa Crociere asked to pay huge sums to the Italian State


After losing a half billion euros ships, the shipping company Costa Crociere is being presented a really frightening bill by the Italian State.

Various public Entities are knocking to the Court door asking to be refunded of expenditures or damages to reputation.

The Prime Minister’s Office wants 10 millions for the damage to Italy’s reputation.

The Ministry of Environment wants more than 11 millions for environmental damage.

The Municipality of the Giglio Island wants 80 millions.

The Officer of the Emergency Commissioner established after the accident wants more than 2 millions for expenditures.

The Ministry of Transportation, representing also the Italian Coast Guard, wants nearly 7 millions.

The Ministries of the Economy, of the Internal Affairs and of the Defense want 6 millions for the personnel they employed in the accident response.

The Regional Government of Tuscany will be content of less than one million.


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