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Legalization only way to fight drug trafficking, says Saviano


During a conference about ‘policies against organized crime’ held in Naples, Mr Roberto Saviano said: ‘You can’t fight drug trafficking without legalization policies. This way you will remove drugs from the unlawful market to integrate them in the health system’.

Mr Saviano, however, added: ‘[This is] a mammoth moral issue. Can the State sell coca, heroine and light drugs ? This question doesn’t have an easy answer, but the current situation is not ok’.

Mr Saviano is the author of the world bestseller ‘Gomorra’ on organized crime and drug trafficking in the Naples area, on which was based the acclaimed movie by Matteo Garrone. He was forced to accept from the State a security detail for exposing to public attention the secrets and the activities of the poweful organized crime clans in Naples.


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