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Italian 15-year-old girls ‘killed man like in GTA video game’


Two Italian 15-year-old girls are under arrest in a juvenile shelter in connection with the murder of a 66-year-old pensioner, Mr Mirco Sacher.

The two girls surrendered themselves to the local Military Police on the night between the 7th and 8th April, claiming that they acted for legitimate defense after the man had tried to rape them.

The investigators, however, are unconvinced by their story, and they suspect that the two girls tried to steal the pensioner’s money or to rob him, possibly with the help of someone else.

In fact, the two girls went away from the scene of the crime with the victim’s car, which they should be unable to drive since in Italy you can’t get a driving licence before you are 18 and you can’t enlist in a driving school before you are 17.

Moreover two teenager boys who met the girls in a nearby train station that night testified that the girls were boasting of murdering the man ‘like in the Grand Theft Auto video game’.

The investigators have seized the Facebook profiles of the two girls.


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