Should the Italian Parliament work without a Government ?

Autel de la Convention nationale


There is only one thing on which all the Italian political parties agree: the need for reforms.

Reforms, of course, require new laws. And that is exactly the problem.

In the Italian Parliament, Bills are debated first in the Committees and then in the plenary assembly.

Until now, it was assumed that the members of the Committees could not be appointed as long as there was not a new Government, an argument recently confirmed by the newly-elected President of the Senato, Mr Pietro Grasso.

The Five Stars Movement doesn’t agree, however, and apparently it managed to convince the Northern League (a member of Mr Berlusconi’s coalition), the Left, Ecology and Freedom party (an ally of the Democratic Party) and even some MPs of the Democratic Party itself.

The Movement threatened to occupy the Parliament seat on Tuesday unless its demand to establish the Committees is met.

Some commentators argue that allowing the Parliament to work without a full-fledged Government would turn the Italian system based on the separation of powers into an assembly-based system, like the one which was created in France after the Revolution.

Others argue that, on the contrary, the constitutional order would be re-established after decades during which the Parliament simply rubber-stamped the decisions taken by the Government.


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