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Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez booed in Italy

Cuban dissident and blogger Yoani Sanchez was booed yesterday in Italy during an event at the Perugia Journalism Festival. The protest was staged by more or less thirty Castrist militants from Umbria. The protesters were in turn booed by the audience, comprising some Cuban militants, and were finally thrown out. During the Cold War, Italy … Continue reading

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New Italian Government greeted with bullets

Today, the new Italian Government headed by Mr Enrico Letta was sworn in by President Giorgio Napolitano. According to the elaborate Italian protocol, Mr Letta was then supposed to move from the presidential palace to the Government palace, where he would receive military honors and ┬áthe presidency of the Council of Minister, symbolized by a … Continue reading

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The conspiracy theories against Enrico Letta

Conspiracy theories have always been an integral part of Italian politics. During the Cold War, the Italian life was indeed full of mysteries involving intelligence services, organized crime, Vatican and NATO officers. More recently, Silvio Berlusconi used conspiracy theories to explain judicial ‘harassment’ against him. Now, prime minister designate Enrico Letta is the main target. … Continue reading