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Italy’s provisional constitutional order



Italy had a provisional constitutional order between 1943 (when the fascist regime fell) and 1948 (when the current Constitution entered into force).

By theory, nothing like that is happening right now, but certainly President Napolitano is using some very innovative tools to keep the Italian Republic going.

The incumbent Government headed by Mr Mario Monti will remain in charge, albeit only for ordinary administration. The notion of ‘ordinary administration’ will be interpreted flexibly and stretched to the maximum, however, since it was announced that the Government could enact some Emergency Decrees to counter the economic crisis.

The governmental action will be legitimized by the approval of a Parliamentary Special Committee which had already been appointed to handle another emergency, id est the payment of the debts due by the State to the enterprises operating in the public procurement field.

In the meantime, the President has appointed two other Selected Committees, a legal one and an economic one, which are expected to draw reforms which should be enacted by the Parliament with a bipartisan vote.

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