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Islam should be banned from Europe, says Italian convert

Mr Magdi Allam receiving Baptism from Pope Benedict XVI.

Mr Magdi Allam receiving Baptism from Pope Benedict XVI.

Mr Magdi Cristiano Allam is an Italian journalist and politician of Egyptian origins.

In 2008, he converted to Catholicism from Islam, receiving the Baptism from the Pope in person.

In 2009 he was elected to the European Parliament as an independent candidate for a Catholic-oriented party.

Today Mr Allam, with an article published on right-wing newspaper Il Giornale, announced that he is leaving the Catholic Church, while remaining a Christian.

Mr Allam accused the Catholic Church of being relativist, too inclusive towards immigrants (sic) and too globalist.

Mr Allam was also apparently angered by the election of Pope Francis, to whom he preferred Pope Benedict XVI.

But what he describes as the main reason of his decision is the approach of the Holy See to Islam.

According to Mr Allam, the Holy See is guilty of the ‘legitimization of Islam as a real religion, of Allah as a real god, of Mohammed as a real prophet, of the Koran as a sacred text and of mosques as places of worship. It is real suicidal madness that John Paul II went as far as kissing the Koran on 14 May 1999, that Benedict XVI rested his hand on the Koran praying in the direction of the Mecca in the Blu Mosque of Istanbul on 30 November 2006, while Francis I opened his pontificate exalting Muslims as ‘adoring the only God, living and merciful’… I’m more and more convinced that Europe will in the end be submitted by Islam, as it already occurred to the other two shores of the Mediterranean since the VII century, if she won’t have the courage and the lucidity to denounce Islam as incompatible with our civilization and the fundamental rights of the person, if she won’t ban the Koran for apology of hatred, violence and death against non Muslims, if she won’t condemn sharia as a crime against humanity since it preaches and practices the violation of the sacredness of everyone’s life, the equal dignity of man and woman and the freedom of religion, and finally if she won’t stop the spreading of mosques’.


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