Berlusconi rallies supporters and raises the stakes



Berlusconi’s party staged a massive rally today in Rome.

The initiative was ordered by Mr Berlusconi after the refusal by the Criminal Courts to adjourn the hearings of some trials involving him for health reasons.

Mr Berlusconi was further angered by the refusal by the Democratic Party to involve his coalition in a bipartisan Government.

From the stand, the Cavaliere attacked and insulted former and current rivals, including Mr Bersani and Mr Grillo.

He accused the incumbent Government of grossly mishandling the marines case.

Finally, Mr Berlusconi repeated that the new President must be a right-wing candidate in order to preserve an institutional balance.

Overall, Mr Berlusconi took a very aggressive stance. According to some observers, he is expecting that Mr Bersani will be unable to form a Government and aims to quick elections that he is confident to win.


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