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Italian leftist priest celebrates Mass for Chavez


Father Andrea Gallo.

Father Andrea Gallo, a famous Italian leftist priest, celebrated today a Mass of Remembrance for late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the Church of Saint Benedict in the Harbor, Genoa.

‘We are here today,’ said Father Gallo, ‘to remember a great South American statesman. I greet him as a brother, a great companion in the route… he was a great strength to find the way to liberation. He was able to unite various cultures in the fight against capitalism, defending Venezuela which is a longed for prey for its oilfields’.

During the Cold War, the Italian Catholic Church adopted a staunchly anticommunist stance. In fact, Father Gallo had trouble with both the Salesian Order and the Diocese of Genoa, but he is a well known figure often defended and praised by the public, especially in Genoa.

This is probably the reason why he was never subject to official punishment.


2 thoughts on “Italian leftist priest celebrates Mass for Chavez

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