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Berlusconi’s health under Court scrutiny

Another 'medical' trial, the one on Michael Jackson's death.

Another ‘medical’ trial, the one on Michael Jackson’s death.

We had previously foreseen that 78-years-old Silvio Berlusconi’s health could become a political issue. For sure, it has now become a judicial issue.

Mr Berlusconi is currently in the final phase of a string of sensitive trials, including the one for juvenile prostitution in connection with the famous Ruby case.

Yesterday, his defense team in this last trial asked for an adjournment, since Mr Berlusconi has been hospitalized to treat some eye affection.

On the request of the Attorney General, the Criminal Bench of the Court of Appeals of Milan ordered two public medics to visit Mr Berlusconi to determine whether or not he can actually come to Court without putting his health at risk.

Berlusconi’s personal medic, Mr Alberto Zangrillo, said he is not afraid of the visit ordered by the Court. Berlusconi’s lawyers took the same position, while harshly criticizing the Court’s decision.

For years Mr Berlusconi and his lawyers and MPs have been arguing that the entire judicial system in Milan (both the First Instance Court and the Court of Appeals) is biased against Mr Berlusconi for political reasons.



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