Nobel Prize Dario Fo endorses Grillo’s hard line

Mr Dario Fo

Mr Dario Fo

The Italian playwright and actor Dario Fo, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997, was a Grillo’s supporter well before the last elections.

Today he published on Grillo’s blog a post entitled ‘Just Before the Revolution’, essentially defending Mr Grillo from the accusations drawn on him by his electoral victory.

After explaining that Mr Grillo makes no wrong in being a ‘populist’ (while he would if he was a ‘demagogue’), Mr Fo hits back at the heavy criticism against Mr Grillo’s decision to refuse an alliance with the leftist Democratic Party.

‘Now, crying and repenting,’ writes Mr Fo, ‘[the Democratic Party leaders] are telling us: ‘Today we show that we have understood our mistakes and we are here, down on our knees, ready to provide you with an alliance by which you’ll be able to finally realize an agenda of your very own choosing’. You stop that ! Be warned that the Fox and Cat cajoling [a reference to Collodi’s ‘Pinocchio”s fictional crooks] is well known to us. We wouldn’t like that, as soon as we take the bait, you immediately  begin with sermons like ‘Unfortunately there are rules to respect, democracy is difficult you know, we need time, we need to make some modifications, to buy time’… dancing and easily offering our ass to the ball overseer in charge. The time would pass and of course we would get nothing but be thoughtfully pinched. I’m sorry for you, my dear masters of mockery, but this time we have another dance, a new orchestra, new players and even new dancers, it’s no more an old-fashioned tango but a rock. And in this dance who is thrown in the air is whoever tries to be too sly and to touch our intimate parts’.


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