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Italian girl’s assumed ‘suicide’ discovered to be murder under family pressure

The victim, Valentina Salamone.

The victim, Valentina Salamone.

On 24 July 2010 Miss Valentina Salamone, a 19-years-old girl from Biancavila, Sicily, was found dead, hanged in a country house where she was spending the weekend with some friends.

A suicide, sentenced the police and the District Attorney’s Office. The girl was having problems with her family, due to her affair with a married man, Mr Nicola Mancuso.

The family itself never believed to a suicide, however. It pressed the investigators, obtaining the intervention of the Catania Attorney General’s Office and of an elite crime investigation squad.

As a result, after nearly three years Mr Mancuso was arrested as a suspect for Miss Salamone’s murder. In the opinion of the investigators, Mr Mancuso got rid of the girl since she was going to definitely ruin his marriage.


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