Five Stars MPs in closed door summit


While the whole Italy is waiting for their decisions, the newly elected MPs of the Five Stars Movement are having a closed door meeting in the Saint John hotel in Rome.

The leader Beppe Grillo and his adviser Gianroberto Casaleggio will attend.

By theory, during the meeting the MPs should know each other and adopt the official line to be kept in Parliament. According to the Five Stars Movement statutes, all MPs elected for the Movement must agree their political position by a majority vote. Mr Grillo and Mr Casaleggio should have just a consulting role.

In practice, it is quite evident that both Grillo and Casaleggio have a very clear idea on what their MPs should do. Both of them have confirmed that the Five Stars Movement will not support any Government backed by the traditional political parties.

On his blog, Mr Grillo criticized article 67 of the Italian Constitution, by which ‘every member of the Parliament represents the whole Nation and fulfills his or her duties without being bound by any instruction’. According to Mr Grillo, this basically means that ‘every MP can – and this is even polite – do what the f..k he wants’, while instead ‘turncoats should be kicked in their ass’.


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