Buy Italian shares, says Wall Street Journal

  On the Wall Street Journal, Brett Arends recently advised investors to buy Italian shares, since in his opinion they are underpriced. According to Arends, the ongoing Italian political crisis should not frighten investors, simply because Italy has been politically in crisis for decades without relevant consequences, while her economy is going to rebound after … Continue reading

History of Italy / Politics

Italy’s provisional constitutional order

  Italy had a provisional constitutional order between 1943 (when the fascist regime fell) and 1948 (when the current Constitution entered into force). By theory, nothing like that is happening right now, but certainly President Napolitano is using some very innovative tools to keep the Italian Republic going. The incumbent Government headed by Mr Mario … Continue reading


Sicilian Regional Minister axed for sexist comment

Everyone knows that, and we wrote it, too: music is important in Italy. Together with a trend of disaffection for professional politicians, that can explain why the singer Franco Battiato was appointed Minister of Tourism in the new reform-minded Government of Sicily. Unfortunately Mr Battiato, while attending an event in the seat of the European … Continue reading

Crime and Court news

Kercher case, the relativity of the ‘ne bis in idem’ in Italy

Today the Italian Supreme Court quashed the acquittal of Mr Raffaele Sollecito and Miss Amanda Knox, both indicted for the murder of Miss Meredith Kercher. Miss Knox, a U.S. citizen, went back to her home country after being released pursuant to the acquittal, while Mr Sollecito is still in Italy. He won’t be arrested right … Continue reading

Foreign relations / Politics / Religion

Islam should be banned from Europe, says Italian convert

Mr Magdi Cristiano Allam is an Italian journalist and politician of Egyptian origins. In 2008, he converted to Catholicism from Islam, receiving the Baptism from the Pope in person. In 2009 he was elected to the European Parliament as an independent candidate for a Catholic-oriented party. Today Mr Allam, with an article published on right-wing … Continue reading

Economy / Politics

Italian Industries’ Association: ‘We’re just approaching the end’

Acting on the request by President Giorgio Napolitano, Democratic Party secretary Pier Luigi Bersani has begun negotiations in order to try to form a Government. His efforts look doomed, however. Both Mr Berlusconi and Mr Grillo, the men who control two thirds of the Senate, have become more and more aggressive and uncompromising in the … Continue reading