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Amid political chaos, Monti keeps cutting

Grind House

According to Italian constitutional custom, a dissolved Government remains in charge ‘for ordinary affairs’ until a new Government is sworn in.

Therefore, Mr Mario Monti is still technically the prime minister of Italy.

Undeterred by political chaos and by his own electoral debacle, Mr Monti is still intent in making his infamous cuts.

Today, the Italian trade unions were informed that the next Council of Minister will issue a decree freezing the salaries of public employees for other two years. Such salaries have been frozen for years, and some public employees earn little more than 1,000 euros a month. Is should be noted that not all the public employees have a permanent post. School teachers in particulars routinely get temporary assignments for years – sometimes dozens of years – before being officially hired.

The outcome of the recent Italian general elections is universally seen as a round rejection of the austerity policies followed by Mr Monti with the support of his sponsors in Brussels and in Berlin.


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