Berlusconi forced to apologize to woman

Mr. Berlusconi with Mrs. Angela Bruno.

Mr. Berlusconi with Mrs. Angela Bruno.

During his electoral tour, Mr. Berlusconi visited a green power plant where he was publicly introduced to a young and pretty selling agent. Of course, he couldn’t help but target her with some sexual jokes, which sparked outbursts of laugh in the audience, but also heavy criticism.

That’s where a veritable electoral soap opera began.

The girl, Mrs. Angela Bruno, who is married with sons, suddenly disappeared, while her employer issued a press statement saying that she was ‘honored’ by Mr. Berlusconi’s jokes.

In some days, however, the press was able to reach Mrs. Bruno, who told a very different story, saying that she was actually offended and expected Mr. Berlusconi to apologize.

Then Mr. Giancarlo Galan stepped in. Mr. Galan is former Governor of the region where the episode took place, and a member of Mr. Berlusconi’s party. During a talk show, Mr. Galan claimed to have some text messages by Mrs. Bruno proving that she actually enjoyed meeting Mr. Berlusconi.

Finally, Mr. Berlusconi decide to apologize during a radio show. However, he insisted that Mrs. Bruno had liked his jokes, but was influenced by the leftist press afterwards. ‘She should read less leftist newspapers,’ said Mr. Berlusconi.


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