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Italian youngsters queue for underpaid McDonald’s jobs


In March a new McDonald’s will open in Parma, the Italian capital of high-quality ham.

Twenty clerks are needed. They are offered a temporary part-time position, with a gross monthly salary of 500 euros. Yes, you have to add overtime and other benefits, but given the amount of Italian taxes and social contribution this is really small money.

The trade unions complained that McDonald’s standard contracts are very disadvantageous for workers.

Nevertheless, McDonald’s replied that such contracts are fully compliant with the law, and represent a good opportunity especially for working students. In fact, 800 people queued in Parma in order to try and get the job.

Mr. Stefano Dedola, McDonald’s Human Resources Director for Italy, said the recruiting campaign started in Parma, the seat of the European Food Safety Agency, in order to put emphasis on the priority given by McDonald’s to quality.


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