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Affluent Italian killer released after only 10 years

The killer, Mr. Ruggero Jucker.

The killer, Mr. Ruggero Jucker.

Ten years ago Mr. Ruggero Jucker, an entrepreneur from an affluent family of Milan, stabbed his girlfriend Alenja Bortolotto 22 times, before going naked into the streets shouting: ‘I am bin Laden !’

After the murder, Mr. Jucker was immediately arrested. Since his family was rich, he was able to pay a millionaire indemnity to the victim’s family, which by Italian law is a mitigating factor.

The Tribunal of Milan nevertheless sentenced him to 30 years in jail.

Mr. Jucker was however able to enter a bargain plea which was sanctioned by the Court of Appeals, cutting his sentence to 16 years. After this episode, the law was changed to forbid bargain pleas in appeal.

Afterwards, thanks to the relaxed Italian prison laws (which were eased even more due to prison overcrowding), Mr. Jucker was able to get parole after just 10 years.

His release obviously sparked criticism. It is not the first time that the Italian judiciary system is accused of being biased in favor of well-positioned people: this happened, for example, in the Kercher case.

The irony is that every Italian Court room has, by law, a writing on the wall, beneath and over the judge’s bench. The writing reads: ‘The law is the same for everyone’.

The victim, Mrs. Alenja Bortolotto.

The victim, Miss Alenja Bortolotto.


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