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Does the Vatican have a new liberal ‘Minister of Family’ ?

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.

The newly-appointed President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, H.E. Vincenzo Paglia, is a odd choice for the job, particularly for a conservative Pope like Benedict XVI.

During the International Meeting on Family, held in Milan on May 2012, Archbishop Paglia, while reaffirming that marriage can be heterosexual only, said that State legislators should regulate common law marriages, including gay ones.

Moreover, H.E. Paglia issued a strong condemnation of gay discrimination anywhere in the world, with particular reference to countries where homosexual acts are criminal offences.

On December, Pope Benedict drew heavy criticism for receiving and blessing Mrs. Rebecca Kadaga, an Ugandan MP who had signed a bill aimed at making the criminal punishment of homosexual acts in Uganda even harsher.


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