Could Berlusconi win again ?


After Balotelli’s purchase, the polls are bringing good news to Mr. Silvio Berlusconi.

His approval rate is rising, while his main opponent, the leftist Democratic Party, is being damaged by the Monte dei Paschi scandal and the diaspora of new leftist parties.

Mr. Berlusconi insists that he is confident to win.

So, should his many critics outside Italy be worried ?

Probably not, since the real news is that there is no news. With some luck, Mr. Berlusconi will probably be able to stop the Democratic Party from achieving a majority in the Senate. But he won’t himself control the Senate, nor will he be able to stop the Democratic Party from taking control of the Chamber of Deputies.

To take control of both houses of the Parliament (the only way to form a Government in Italy), Mr. Berlusconi would need to close a gap which is simply too large, in a political landscape that is too fragmented even for him.

In fact, he is not less frustrated at the political context than his opponents, so much that he called small parties ‘a cancer of the Italian system’.


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