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Amid political chaos, Monti keeps cutting

According to Italian constitutional custom, a dissolved Government remains in charge ‘for ordinary affairs’ until a new Government is sworn in. Therefore, Mr Mario Monti is still technically the prime minister of Italy. Undeterred by political chaos and by his own electoral debacle, Mr Monti is still intent in making his infamous cuts. Today, the … Continue reading


How does Grillo’s ‘web democracy’ work ?

Beppe Grillo and his media manager Gianroberto Casaleggio claim that the Five Stars Movement is the first example of ‘web democracy’ or ‘liquid democracy’. But what does this mean exactly ? The main Grillo’s communication channel is his blog. He very rarely addresses traditional media like TV or newspapers, which he considers ‘part of the … Continue reading


Five Stars and bad luck ruin Berlusconi’s masterpiece

It could have been the peak of an already illustrious political career: closing a gap that seemed unbridgeable and winning the elections. Berlusconi probably could have done it, but for the first time another ‘istrione’, maverick comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo, crossed his path, getting the vote of one elector in four. We will never know how … Continue reading

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Pope and Italian President say to each other: ‘Goodbye’

Pope Benedict XVI and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano had a last meeting yesterday before both leaving their posts. The Pope, has it is universally known, has resigned with effect from the end of February. Mr Napolitano’s term will expire in May. In Italy, no President has ever been reelected, and Mr Napolitano announced he won’t … Continue reading