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1980 Italian aviation tragedy ’caused by missile’

The 1980 tragedy is still deeply felt by Italians.

The 1980 tragedy is still deeply felt by Italians.

On 27 June 1980, the Aerolinee Itavia flight 870, en route from Bologna to Palermo, crashed into the sea near the Ustica island, off Naples.

Decades of official investigations followed, without a real explanation ever given and even some Italian Air Forces generals indicted for high treason.

Recently, the Italian Supreme Court has confirmed a 2010 ruling by the Palermo Court of Appeals condemning the Italian Government to compensate the victims of the accident (there were no survivors).

Between other things, the Supreme Court stated that the Court of Appeals was correct in declaring that the airplane was shot down by a missile.

But who shot the missile ? In Italy, there is widespread speculation that the plane was shot down by the Italian, French or U.S. Air Force for unknown reasons. According to one theory, whoever made the deal was falsely supposing that Libyan dictator Col. Gaddafi was on board.

Just the usual conspiracy theories ? For sure the whole accident is shrouded in mystery… according to another theory, which in the past had been upheld by the same Supreme Court, the plane was blown up by a bomb placed on board.


4 thoughts on “1980 Italian aviation tragedy ’caused by missile’

  1. Taylor´s paper is a highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the Ustica case. This subject will also be covered in a coming book by myself supporting the internal explosion and explaining why the missile was ruled out at still should be.

    • I am subrised by not seeing any explanation anywhere of how the Supreme Court could rule that it was all about a missile. Can anybody help?

      • The rulings of the Italian Courts are usually dozens of pages long. To study the one on the Ustica case would be a full-time job.

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