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Costa Concordia trial at risk for lack of funds


Costa Concordia: cursed ship, cursed trial ?

The judicial proceedings following the Costa Concordia accident have already been obstructed by procedural problems related to the foreign nationality and residence of some suspects.

Now the Grosseto District Attorney, who is the lead prosecutor in the case, is warning that the last cuts to the judicial system set by the Monti Government are putting the entire trial at risk.

‘The Ministry [of Justice] has reviewed the staff of judicial offices. In Grosseto we will lose a judge and two Deputy District Attorneys. The situation is difficult already: taking into account the trial for the Costa Concordia accident, this is ill-timed,’ said DA Francesco Verusio.

Mr. Verusio echoed the President of the Grosseto Tribunal who, during the opening ceremony of the Judicial Year, stated: ‘There is still, mainly in the civil field, a number of new proceedings which cannot be handled with existing human and material resources. To such a scenario we must now add a criminal trial, following the Costa Concordia accident, which has required and will still require an impressive effort by the Tribunal’.

A trial slowed down by the lack of funds could mean an acquittal of all the defendants pursuant to the statute of limitations. Similar outcomes are far from unusual in Italy. The President of the Milan Court of Appeals called this ‘a sad record’ of Italy.


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