History of Italy / Politics

Berlusconi praises Mussolini


While attending the celebrations for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Milan, the leader of the Italian right Mr. Silvio Berlusconi said: ‘The enactment of racist laws was the worst fault of a leader, Mussolini, who in many other respects had done a good job’.

Mussolini was appointed as prime minister of the Kingdom of Italy in 1922, evolving into a dictator soon afterwards.

In 1935 he invaded and annexed Ethiopia, authorizing the use of chemical weapons during the campaign.

In 1938 he enacted legislation discriminating Jews.

In 1939 he made Italy a member of the Axis.

In 1940 he declared war against Great Britain and France.

In 1943, after a motion of no confidence by his own Fascist Party, he resigned, but soon afterwards he accepted to head a puppet Government under German occupation.

In 1945 he was captured by Italian irregular forces while attempting to escape to Germany and executed by order of the National Liberation Committee. His corpse was exposed in Loreto Square, Milan.

Mr. Gianfranco Fini, the current President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and an ally of prime minister Mario Monti, once described Mussolini as ‘the greatest statesman in history’, but retracted afterwards.


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