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Monti says his reforms need reform


Italian prime minister Mario Monti opened today his electoral campaign announcing a change of route on several landmark policies of his Government.

Mr. Monti said that he plans to reduce taxes, which were significantly increased by his Government. ‘This is not incoherent’, Mr. Monti stated.

Also the reform drafted by controversial Minister of Labor Elsa Fornero will be open to modifications, added Mr. Monti.

Earlier, Mr. Monti had accepted that also the new hated real estate tax could be subject to reform.

Mr. Berlusconi, who had tried without success to enlist Mr. Monti in his own party, was quick in pointing out at the prime minister’s apparent contradictions. ‘First he introduced the real estate tax and now he says he wants to lift it, then he introduced the ‘redditometro’ [a new checklist to be used by the Internal Revenue Service for controls] and now he says he doesn’t want it. Either he thinks Italians are crazy or we have a lunatic who believes himself to be Monti’, said Mr. Berlusconi.


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