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King of Italian paparazzi on the run

Mr. Fabrizio Corona.

Mr. Fabrizio Corona.

Born in Catania, Sicily, in 1974, Fabrizio Corona is the king of Italian paparazzi.

Born from a family of journalists, he stuck to family tradition in his own way, becoming the most famous paparazzo in Italy, himself a subject of gossip for his relationships with famous women like Venezuelan model Aida Yespica and Argentinian model and host Belen Rodriguez.

Since 2007, however, Mr. Corona’s judiciary troubles started stockpiling, until the epilogue which was reached this month.

The Criminal Bench of the Italian Supreme Court upheld a five years prison sentence issued against Mr. Corona for blackmailing professional football player David Trezeguet. According to the prosecution, Mr. Corona asked Mr. Trezeguet to pay 25,000 euros in order to avoid the publication of some photos portraying him together with an unknown girl.

Mr. Corona’s current location is unknown, however. Despite being shadowed by law enforcement officers, he managed to elude them. The Turin Attorney General’s Office announced that Mr. Corona is now officially a fugitive, and that an international warrant of arrest will be requested.

Mr. Corona’s brother, Federico, entrusted the ANSA news agency with an appeal from Mr. Corona’s family: ‘Fabrizio, we are heartbroken. With what little clear mind we can have in such a dramatic moment, wherever you are, we ask you to come back as soon as possible and surrender yourself’.


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