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Not what he was hoping for: beautiful journalist grills Berlusconi

Mrs. Ilaria D'Amico.

Mrs. Ilaria D’Amico.

The revenge of girl power ?

Since his comeback, Berlusconi began a TV marathon, finding on his route only complacent journalists. Even the leftist Michele Santoro and Marco Travaglio, once considered Mr. Berlusconi’s arch-nemesis, proved unable or unwilling to check the Cavaliere’s TV charisma.

On Monday, Mr. Berlusconi was a guest on the ‘Lo spoglio’ show, on Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s Sky network.

He was probably expecting a pleasant chat with stunning host Ilaria D’Amico, to whose beauty probably alludes the name of the show (in Italian ‘lo spoglio’ means ‘the ballot count’, but it also sounds like ‘the strip tease’).

During her career, Mrs. D’Amico never worked for Mr. Berlusconi, but only for the Italian State TV and for the Sky networks, and she proved much more than just a pretty face.

Suddenly, she interrupted Mr. Berlusconi: ‘For six minutes you have being doing an electoral ad. I have to ask you to go back to my question’.

Mr. Berlusconi typically replied: ‘Do you think I’m here to hit on you ?’

‘I hope not’ answered Mrs. D’Amico. ‘I don’t know. Is that so ?’

‘No’ assured Mr. Berlusconi. ‘I’m here exactly to get an electoral ad’.

‘That’s better’ said Mrs. D’Amico. ‘Now I feel better’.

After that exchange, Mrs. D’Amico kept grilling Mr. Berlusconi with troublesome questions and issues: ‘The cuts to political expenditures: why were they so lean ?… looks like Mr. Grillo [the leader of the Five Stars Movement] is better than you… in Sicily… the Five Stars Movement is voluntarily giving back [to the State] 130,000 euros every month…’

Mr. Berlusconi’s answers were evasive.

In the end, Mrs. D’Amico warned Mr. Berlusconi that the viewers were electronically voting on whether or not they were believing him.

Mr. Berlusconi replied: ‘But you have to honestly admit this is not a poll, being for your fans, id est for people having the money to get a Sky subscription’.

‘This should favor you’ answered Mrs. D’Amico.

In the last lines, Mr. Berlusconi congratulated Mrs. D’Amico for being ‘good’ and ‘mean in a good way’, but failed to get Mrs. D’Amico’s attention beyond a dry ‘Thanks’.



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