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Aldo Moro’s keeper dies

Aldo Moro in his 'people's prison'.

Aldo Moro in his ‘people’s prison’.

Mr. Prospero Gallinari, 62, was found dead this morning in his house in Reggio Emilia. The death, while sudden, was almost certainly due to natural causes.

A former member of the Red Brigades, a much feared Italian communist terrorist organization, Mr. Gallinari spent a large part of his life in jail. He took an active part on the kidnapping of former prime minister Aldo Moro, and was perhaps his killer.

Mr. Moro was kidnapped on March 16th, 1978 by a Red Brigades commando which killed the five members of Mr. Moro’s security detail. After a refusal to negotiate by the Italian Government, Mr. Moro’s body was found in Rome on May 9th. His family refused a State funeral, which was held anyway.

Mr. Moro’s assassination shocked Italy, and was in the end a political mistake by the Red Brigades, which would declare their ‘strategic retreat’ in the Eighties.

In 1988, Mr. Gallinari himself signed, together with other former RB members, a document admitting: ‘The war is over. The State won’.


4 thoughts on “Aldo Moro’s keeper dies

    • While Mr. Gallinari is widely credited with executing Mr. Moro, it is not proven who actually pulled the trigger. Of course, every RB member involved in the kidnapping is responsible of Mr. Moro’s death.

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