Legal mess ahead of next Italian elections

When things were easier: the 1946 plebiscite for the choice between monarchy and republic.

When things were simpler: the 1946 plebiscite for the choice between monarchy and republic.

The next Italian political elections, scheduled for February 24th, will take place in a very complex political scenario: beside the traditional struggle between Berlusconi’s right and the left, there will be the maverick Five Stars Movement and a centrist coalition supported by the Catholic Church and the current technocratic prime minister Mario Monti.

But in Italy no political mess can escape becoming a legal mess, too.

First of all, after the resignation tendered by Mr. Monti, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano decided to hasten elections, which were originally scheduled for March. This could prevent the Five Star Movement from doing all the extensive paperwork required by the Italian law to a party which is competing for the first time, at least in national elections.

Moreover, today some parties discovered that their electoral symbols have been extensively plagiarized by people and organizations which filed very similar symbols with the electoral offices of the Minister of the Interior. The victims of the plagiarism are the Five Star Movement and Mr. Monti’s coalition.

Mr. Beppe Grillo, the Five Star Movement leader and spokesperson, was particularly incensed: ‘If they don’t allow us to run then it will be different, we are good persons and we will just make us of our lawyers, but if 6 million people are not allowed to vote, add to this a 50 per cent of people not voting at all, after six months in the Government we’ll got and catch them ! I’ll do it, I’ll literally catch them !’


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