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Chinese immigrants escape from Italy

Italian TV series 'L'ispettore Coliandro' episode set in Chinese district.

Italian TV series ‘L’ispettore Coliandro’ episode set the Chinese district of an Italian city.

Often occupying whole city districts, Chinese immigrants are well known in Italy for their industry and sometimes ruthless competition, as well as for their respect for law and order.

Italians think that Chinese people have a natural understanding of economy and business: that’s why the exodus of Chinese people from Italy will be undoubtedly read as a very bad signal for Italy’s future.

Yes, an exodus is taking place. The Italian most important newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, interviewed two leading experts of Chinese immigration, Mrs. Lucia King and Mrs. Sarah Fang, obtaining a confirmation of what was already widely suspected: the Chinese immigrants are going away from Italy and its stagnant economy.

Mrs. King and Mrs. Fang were unable to present any statistics, but Mrs. King estimates that 60 per cent of the oldest Chinese immigrants has left Italy already. The Chinese Embassy in Rome also confirmed the ongoing trend.

Many Chinese simply go back to their country, where the economy is thriving. Others opt for emerging countries in Africa or in Latin America.

So, Italy is being snubbed by its most significant immigrant community just when the leader of the Italian right, Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, has refreshed his old alliance with the controversial anti-immigration party Northern League.


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