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The great escape from Italian Universities

Someone could say that they had it coming. For decades, Italian Universities have been plagued by nepotism and patronage. With few exceptions, their positioning in international rankings is very low. Successive Government reacted by simply cutting funds, instead of trying to reform the system. To survive, Universities were allowed to raise their fees. One should … Continue reading

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Berlusconi starves his party but finds money to buy Balotelli

Mr. Silvio Berlusconi sees his political successes as his personal achievement, and his own party more as a dead weight than as an asset. Some months ago, just before his comeback, he refused to pay for the party primary elections. Now he is unwilling to finance an electoral campaign that he is single-handedly administrating. This … Continue reading


Italian political parties charging for parliamentary nominations

  Most Italian political parties, including Mr. Berlusconi’s one, have officially confirmed that they are asking money to their parliamentary candidates. The sums required vary, but in some case the candidate needs to pay some ten-thousands of euros. The news have obviously sparked controversy, with some commentators saying that the political parties are simply selling … Continue reading

Crime and Court news / History of Italy

1980 Italian aviation tragedy ’caused by missile’

On 27 June 1980, the Aerolinee Itavia flight 870, en route from Bologna to Palermo, crashed into the sea near the Ustica island, off Naples. Decades of official investigations followed, without a real explanation ever given and even some Italian Air Forces generals indicted for high treason. Recently, the Italian Supreme Court has confirmed a … Continue reading

Crime and Court news

Costa Concordia trial at risk for lack of funds

Costa Concordia: cursed ship, cursed trial ? The judicial proceedings following the Costa Concordia accident have already been obstructed by procedural problems related to the foreign nationality and residence of some suspects. Now the Grosseto District Attorney, who is the lead prosecutor in the case, is warning that the last cuts to the judicial system … Continue reading