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Contemporary women co-responsible of their own murders, say Italian radical Catholics


The Italian radical Catholic website Pontifex  recently urged Italian women to submit themselves to some ‘healthy self-criticism’ after a spate of murders of women by men, often husbands, fiancés, boyfriend or suitors.

One of the website authors, Mr. Bruno Volpe, wrote: ‘Is it possible than men are suddenly gone crazy and out of their mind ? We don’t believe so. The real problem is that more and more often women tease and become insolent. They believe they are independent and they end up heightening the existing strain. Children left to themselves, dirty homes, cold dishes good for a fast food, filthy clothes that need a laundry, etc… How many times do we see girls and even mature women walking in the streets wearing alluring and skimpy dresses ? How much cheating is there on the workplace, in gyms, in cinemas, etc. ?… It would suffice, for example, to totally or partially forbid lingerie shops to expose their goods on a public view in order to ease certain instincts; to forbid obscene pornography; to forbid sexy commercials which are now aired even in the afternoon’.

Not a big deal, someone could think. After all, in the Internet era, every crazy guy can open a website and post his rants on the web. There is more, however. The article by Mr. Volpe was actually printed by father Pietro Corsi, the dean of a parish near La Spezia, and exposed on the door of the parish church, so that the worshippers could read it and, hopefully, learn from it.

Father Corsi was already known for publishing far-right material against Muslims and foreigners. It is not know if the Church Authorities are going to take any action.


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