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Italian Bishop insults prominent gay politician

Governor of Apulia Nichi Vendola.

Governor of Apulia Nichi Vendola.

Bishop Emeritus of Senigallia, H.E. Odo Fusi Pecci, released an interview to a radical Catholic website insulting the Governor of Apulia for being openly gay.

‘Mr. Vendola is not a Catholic at all. In our perspective, he lives like a pervert. Homosexual relations are against the plan of God, since they are against what God decided and clearly stated. He created [men] as male and female, so that they could responsibly reproduce. The union of two men or two women cannot result in that. Therefore, such an idea is against the Truth, and thus against justice and peace’.

The Bishop was probably trying to defend Pope Benedict XVI, who has been recently credited with defining gay marriage ‘a deep wound to justice and peace’ in his message for the Peace Day, which will be celebrated on January 1st, 2013.

Gay rights and the condition of gay and lesbian people in Italy are going to be a issue in the upcoming electoral campaign, which will be probably dominated by the economy, however.


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