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Costa Concordia helmsman ‘escaped’



Grossetto District Attorney’s Office is going to close the official investigation on the Costa Concordia disaster. The Cruise ship sank on January 13th 2012 along the coast of the Giglio Island, near Tuscany.

Prosecutor Francesco Verusio said the investigation is already concluded, but must be officially closed and will hopefully result in some indictments.

However, the District Attorney’s Office was unable to serve a warrant to the helmsman of the cruise ship, Mr. Jacob Rusli Bin. A Philippine citizen, Mr. Rusli Bin could not be found in his residence in Jakarta.

It is unknown how Mr. Rusli Bin’s move will impact on the judicial proceedings.

Italian justice has a reputation of being slow, highly bureaucratic, byzantine and thus at risk of giving disconcerting verdicts.

Mr. Francesco Schettino, the commander of Costa Concordia, even brought a suit against the Costa Group claiming he was unjustly fired after the accident. Mr. Schettino sparked international outrage allegedly abandoning the ship after the accident and refusing to obey the order by the Coast Guard to go back aboard. Moreover, Mr. Schettino is rumored to have maneuvered too near the coast just to impress some people, alternatively identified in a girl from Moldavia, a member of the crew from the Giglio island or a retired admiral living on the island.



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