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Greatest steel mill in Europe could close in Italy


The ILVA steel mill in Taranto, Italy, covers an area of 15 million square meters. It is served by 200 kilometers of rail tracks, 50 kilometers of road, 190 kilometers of conveyer belts and three port terminals. It employs more than 12,000 workers. It is the greatest steel mill in Europe.

But now, all of this could end.

Some months ago, the entire factory was seized by an Italian Court for violation of security, health and environment standards. The steel mill is blamed for an increase in the cancer incidence rate in the surrounding area.

Rather than shutting down the factory, the Court named a pool of judicial administrators, whose task is to try to save the factory and public health at the same time.

An impossible task ? It looks so, since the new Government-appointed President of ILVA, Prefect Bruno Ferrante, has asked the Court to release the steel mill from seizure, warning that the only alternative is shutting down the entire factory.

2 thoughts on “Greatest steel mill in Europe could close in Italy

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