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Italy bombed Libya during civil war, general reveals

The chief of staff of the Italian Air Force, general Giuseppe Bernardis, revealed classified information on the Italian contribution to the NATO intervention during the Libyan civil war. The general was presenting his book ‘Mission Libya 2011 – The contribution by the Air Force’ on Wednesday in Rome. According to general Berardis’ data, the Italian … Continue reading

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Defence expenditures under fire in Italy

Italy was never a great world Power, but she has a dignified military tradition. During the Italian Independence Wars (1848-1866) the Piedmont-Sardinia army, the first nucleus of the Italian army, fought bravely against the then mighty Austrian Empire. It had its first overseas deployment during the Crimean War (1853-1856), where the Italian crack troops (‘bersaglieri’) … Continue reading

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The ballet of Italian family law

Yesterday the Italian Parliament approved a bipartisan Bill to erase from the Civil Code the distinction between legitimate and natural children. The distinction had already being made less relevant, but it still bore some juridical consequences. Mr. Gian Ettore Gassani, President of the Italian Family Lawyers’ Association, said the former norms of the Civil Code … Continue reading

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Google ‘avoiding Italian taxes’

After Ryanair, the Italian Internal Revenue Service is tackling Google. State Secretary for Economy Vieri Ceriani informed the Financial Committee of the House of Deputies that the Milan Command of the Revenue Police has opened an extraordinary investigation on the Italian subsidiary of Google. The Revenue Police already discovered that Google failed to declare for … Continue reading

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Inheritance suit could undermine Vatican Secretary of State

On October, a Vatican Court found Mr. Paolo Gabriele, the Pope’s butler, guilty of grand larceny for smuggling outside the Sacred Apartments some classified documents revealing unpleasant secrets on the functioning of the Papal Curia. Mr. Gabriele, nicknamed ‘The Crow’ by the press, claimed to having acted ‘only out of visceral love for the Church … Continue reading

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Berlusconi’s ghost keeps haunting Italy

Has Berlusconi gone into retirement ? Not exactly. He is still the President of his party, while he appointed a new party secretary, former Minister of Justice Angelino Alfano. However, he is unsatisfied of the new party leadership, and is pondering to be the prime ministerial candidate¬†again, cancelling the primary elections scheduled by the party. … Continue reading